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Foreigners who intend to stay in the Republic of Croatia for the purpose of family reunification shall regulate their temporary stay status for the purpose of family reunification.


Where and how to apply


The applications shall be submitted personally by the foreigner concerned.

Foreigners who need a visa to enter the Republic of Croatia shall file an application at a diplomatic mission/consular office of the Republic of Croatia.

Foreigners who do not need a visa to enter the Republic of Croatia may submit their application to a jurisdictional police administration/station.

Documents required

The application should contain the following:

  • proof of the purpose of temporary stay (eg. marriage/birth certificate);
  • copy of a valid foreigner’s travel document;
  • proof of sufficient means of supporting himself/herself;
  • proof of health insurance.
Further requirementsThe application for the approval of the extention of the temporary stay permit shall be submitted at a police administration/station according to the place of residence, no later than 60 days before the expiry of the validity of the existing temporary stay permit.

Duration of validity of permits

The temporary stay permit for the purpose of family reunification shall be granted for the period of one year, or until the date of expiration of the temporary stay permit of a foreigner with whom the family reunification is required.

AppealsA police administration/station decision may be appealed within 15 days from the date of the service of the decision. The decision shall be reached by the Review Commission which deals with appeals concerning the procedures applied under the provisions of the Foreigners Act.
Further informationN/A


Change of employment

Change of statusN/A

Long-term residence

Permanent stay may be granted to a foreigner if he/she:

  • possessess (until the day of submitting an application for a permanent stay permit) a temporary stay permit for an uninterrupted period of 5 years in the Republic of Croatia - permanent residence may be granted to a foreigner who, before the submission of the related application in the Republic of Croatia had legal residence in an uninterupted period of five years, including granted temporary residence, asylum or subsidiary residence;
  • possessess a valid foreign travel document;
  • possessess sufficient means of supporting himself/herself and health insurance;
  • has the knowledge of the Croatian language and the Latin script, the Croatian culture and social system; and
  • does not pose a threat to public order, national safety or public health.