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Which ministry has overall responsibility? Ministry of Interior (in Greek and English)
Civil Registry and Migration Department

The Civil Registry and Migration Department has a double role:

a) it deals with issues of Migration, as well as Free Movement for EU Nationals and members of their families. Regarding migration, the Department issues entry permits to non-EU citizens for employment and study purposes.

b) It is the Civil Registry and consequently it deals with all relevant issues as well with issues of citizenship.

Are there other ministries involved? Ministry of Labour and Social Insurance
Department of Labour
The Department of Labour guarantees that all conditions for recruitment and employment of non-EU workers are satisfied taking into consideration the labour market situation.
Ministry of Energy, Commerce, Industry and Tourism
The Ministry of Energy, Commerce, Industry and Tourism is involved in granting work and residence authorisations as well as other requirements for the purpose of self-employment through the one stop shop service.
Ministry of Education and Culture
The Ministry of Education and Culture aims to create a school system that will highlight and celebrate the multicultural nature of Cypriot society.
Ministry of Foreign Affairs
Diplomatic missions abroad
Missions abroad issue visas to non-EU citizens.
What are the implementing agencies? Cyprus Police - Immigration Unit

The Immigration Unit is responsible for implementing immigration law and policy.

The Unit controls the entry and stay of non-EU citizens and combats irregular migration and employment of irregular migrants.

Are there general immigration policy papers? Immigration policy is defined by the decisions of the permanent Ministerial Committee for the Employment of Third-Country Nationals, the decisions of the Council of Ministers and the decisions of the Minister of Interior who, according to the Aliens and Immigration Law, is the Chief Immigration Officer.
Are there impact assessments, studies and reports available?

ECRI (2006) Third ECRI Report on Cyprus, adopted on 16.12.2005, Strasbourg 16.05.2006, Council of Europe.

House of Representatives (1997a) Report of the Parliamentary Commission on Employment and Social Insurance, 1) The Uncontrolled Presence of foreign Workers in Cyprus and the problems that are created as a result of the absence of a relevant legal framework which must regulate their presence in our country; 2) "The cultural and social needs of foreigners, men and women, who are working in Cyprus" and 3) "Foreign workers".

House of Representatives (1997b) Report of the Parliamentary Commission on Human Rights titled: "The Observing of the Human Rights of Aliens who Arrive Illegally to Cyprus to seek Employment or with the intention of Seeking Political Asylum".

Matsis, S. and Charalambous, A. (1993) "The Demand and Supply Dimensions of the Labour Marker: The Issue of Foreign Labour" in Demetriades, E. I., Khoury, N. F., Matsis, S. (1996) Labour Utilization and Income Distribution in Cyprus, Department of Statistics and Research, Ministry of Finance, Nicosia, Cyprus, pp 23-54.

What is the key legislation?

Aliens and Immigration Law (chap.105 & Reg. 242/72) as amended

Aliens and Immigration (carriers liability) Law as amended

Aliens and Immigration (Conditions of entry and residence of third-country nationals for the purposes of research, studies, training, voluntary service, pupil exchange schemes or educational projects) Law (7(I)/2019)

Aliens and Immigration Regulations of 1972 as amended

Aliens and Immigration (Visas) Regulations of 2004

Anti-trafficking law of 2014

What are the national scientific research and statistical offices on immigration?

Cyprus Statistical Service

The Statistical Service is the competent authority for the compilation and publication of most of the statistical data in Cyprus.

Centre for the Study of Migration, Interethnic and Labour Relations, University of Nicosia.