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Which ministry has overall responsibility?

Ministry of Interior

Migration Directorate

The Migration Directorate is a national specialised structure within the Ministry of Interior, which regulates and controls the migration processes of non-EU citizens staying in the Republic of Bulgaria. It is responsible for the conditions of residence, as well as the issuance, rejection/denial and withdrawal of different residence permits.

The Migration Directorate is in charge of interacting and exchanging information with other state authorities, NGOs etc.

It is also responsible for the management, maintenance and security of specialised facilities for temporary accommodation of non-EU citizens who are subject to return decisions.

Are there other ministries involved?

Ministry of Labour and Social Policy

The Ministry of Labour and Social Policy is responsible for state policy on labour, professional qualifications, incomes and living standards, health and safety at work, social security and social assistance, including labour migration and integration of immigrants.

Ministry of Education and Science (in Bulgarian)

Ministry for Foreign Affairs

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs is responsible for Bulgaria's foreign policy.

  • Diplomatic missions abroad
  • Missions abroad are responsible for issuing visas to non-EU citizens.
What are the implementing agencies?

Employment Agency

The Employment Agency (EA) implements state policy as developed by the Ministry of Labour and Social Policy. It is responsible for issuing work permits and self-employment permits to non-EU workers, as well as for permitting the exercising of highly-qualified employment in relation with EU Blue Card applications of non-EU workers. Since 2013 EA is responsible for permitting employment in relation to “Single Permit” applications of non-EU workers.

Are there general immigration policy papers?

National Council on Migration and Integration, Ministry of Interior

Are there impact assessments, studies and reports available? Annual Policy Report 2016, 2017, 2018 – BG EMN NCP
What is the key legislation?

Law on Labour Migration and Labour Mobility

Law on the Foreigners in the Republic of Bulgaria

Law on the Bulgarian Personal Documents

Law on entering, residing and leaving the Republic of Bulgaria by EU citizens, who are not Bulgarian citizens and of their family members

Regulations for the implementation of the Law on Labour Migration and Labour Mobility

Regulations for the implementation of the Laws on the Foreigners in the Republic of Bulgaria

Ordinance for the conditions and order for issuing of visas and definition os the visa regime


ORDINANCE on the rules and procedures for posting and secondment of workers and employees within the framework of the provision of services

Access Bulgarian laws online

What are the national scientific research and statistical offices on immigration?

National Statistical Institute

National Revenue Agency

Centre for Population Studies - Bulgarian Academy of Sciences

Economic Research Institute - Bulgarian Academy of Sciences