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European Migration Network (EMN)

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The main task of the European Migration Network (EMN) is to inform European policymakers and the general public by providing up-to-date, objective, reliable and comparable information on migration policies in all EU countries.

The European Commission co-ordinates the work of the EMN. It works closely with experts, known as national contact points, who are appointed in each EU country, where they also develop national networks of relevant stakeholders.

As a key part of its information providing role, the EMN produces:

  • Annual Status Reports, providing a summary of its activities and key findings each year;
  • Annual Policy Reports, describing the most significant political and legislative developments, as well as public debates, in migration and asylum;
  • Annual Reports on Migration and International Protection Statistics, analysing statistical trends in the EU countries;
  • Studies on specific topics relevant to supporting the information needs of policymakers;
  • Ad-Hoc Queries usually requested by one national contact point to other national contact points to provide information on a wide range of asylum- and migration-related issues;
  • A Glossary on Asylum and Migration, consisting of over 300 terms and definitions, with translations into up to 18 EU country languages.