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Which ministry has overall responsibility? Ministry of the Interior
The Ministry of the Interior is responsible for matters of internal security and immigration.
Are there other ministries involved? Ministry of Foreign Affairs
The Ministry for Foreign Affairs is responsible for matters related to foreign policy.

Diplomatic missions

Applications for visas and residence permits are made at the diplomatic missions located in the countries of origin.

Ministry of Employment and the Economy
The Ministry of Employment and the Economy is in charge of matters related to employment, unemployment, working conditions, collective agreements, and labour disputes.
What are the implementing agencies? Finnish Immigration Service
The Finnish Immigration Service is responsible for managing immigration. Specifically, it grants residence permits, decides on refusal of entry and deportation, and establishes the Registry of Foreigners.
The Finnish Border Guard
The Border Guard is responsible for control of land and water borders, passport controls, and the control of points of entry at borders, ports, and airports.
Employment and Economic Development Office

The Employment and Economic Development Office offers information regarding employment vacancies, procedures for finding employment, education, and entrepreneurship.

Centre for Economic Development, Transport and the Environment

Are there general immigration policy papers?

The Government Programme 29th of May 2015

Migration policy - Ministry of the Interior

Government Resolution on the Future of Migration 2020 Strategy

Are there impact assessments, studies and reports available?

Finnish Immigration Service - statistics

Finnish Immigration Service - annual reports

European Migration Network Finnish National Contact Point – annual policy reports and thematic studies  all reports and studies available as either bilingual (FI/EN) or in English.

What is the key legislation?

Non-Discrimination Act (1325/2014) (only in Finnish)

Constitution of Finland 731/1999 of 1999, amendments up to 1112/2011 included

Aliens Act 301/2004, amendments up to 1152/2010 included

Act on the reception of seekers of international protection 746/2011 (no translation available)

Act on the Promotion of Immigrant Integration 1386/2010

Nationality Act 359/2003

Administrative Procedure Act 434/2003

Administrative Judicial Procedure Act 586/1999; amendments up to 435/2003 included

Access Finnish laws on the FINLEX website

What are the national scientific research and statistical offices on immigration? National Statistics Institute (Statistics Finland)