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Which ministry has overall responsibility?

Ministry of the Interior

The Ministry of the Interior is responsible for public security, public administration, civil service, physical culture and sports, migration, safety of information technologies, local authorities and regional policy.

Migration Department
The Migration Department under the Ministry of the Interior is responsible for implementing state policy related to migration, citizenship, visas, asylum and refugee status and legal status of non-EU citizens in Lithuania. It also investigates cases of fictitious marriages and analyses and monitors the migration process, takes decisions on the return or expulsion from Lithuania.

State Border Guard Service
The State Border Guard Service, under the direction of the Ministry of the Interior, protects state borders, issues visas at the border, accepts asylum applications and controls irregular immigration.

Are there other ministries involved?

Ministry of Social Security and Labour

The Ministry of Social Security and Labour is responsible for economic migration policy. It also adopts and implements social security and labour policy. It aims to create opportunities for qualitative employment and to ensure social safety, family welfare and social cohesion. The ministry is also responsible for social integration of people who have received asylum in Lithuania.

Employment Service
The Labour Exchange, under the direction of the Ministry of Social Security and Labour, is responsible for implementing state labour policy, providing assistance for job seekers, providing employers with the necessary skilled labour force, promoting employment programmes and paying unemployment benefits. The Labour Exchange grants work permits to non-EU citizens wishing to work in Lithuania.

Ministry of Foreign Affairs

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs is responsible for Lithuanian foreign policy.

Diplomatic missions abroad
Missions abroad are in charge of collecting documents for the purpose of issuing residence permits and visas to non-EU nationals.

Ministry of Economy and Innovation

The Ministry of Economy's goal is to develop a positive legal and economic environment for economic development, investment in human capital and to ensure public welfare and employment.

What are the implementing agencies?

Invest Lithuania

Enterprise Lithuania

Invest Lithuania and Enterprise Lithuania, under the direction of the Ministry of Economy, are responsible for implementing state policy related to business and investments.

Are there general immigration policy papers?

Lithuanian Immigration Policy Guidelines No. 79 (22 January 2014)

Are there impact assessments, studies and reports available?

Migration Yearbooks, Migration Department

What is the key legislation?

Law on the Legal Status of Aliens, No. IX-2206, 29 April 2004 (Law on Aliens).

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What are the national scientific research and statistical offices on immigration?

Statistics Lithuania

Migration Department